Today I have installed magento2 in my local windows system with wamp server. SO I would like to share how I did all those process I mean how to install magento2 in localhost. Lets see all details to install magento 2. First thing before going to magento2 installation you need to check all the system requirement that magento2 required. Please take a look here System Requirement. So overall magento 2 requires

1)System Requirement:

  1. Composer (latest stable version)
  2. Web servers(Apache 2.2 or 2.4) or more and the Apache mod_rewrite module must be enabled. mod_rewrite enabled.
  3. Database MySQL 5.6 (Oracle or Percona) or more
  4. PHP 5.6.x or 5.5.x or more

Required PHP extensions:

  1. PDO/MySQL
  2. mbstring
  3. mcrypt
  4. mhash
  5. SimpleXML
  6. curl
  7. xsl
  8. gd, ImageMagick 6.3.7 (or later) or both
  9. soap
  10. intl
  11. bc-math
  12. openssl
php extension Settings for magento2
php extension Settings for magento2

Those above requirements are required for installing in localhost for testing and learning porpose and all other will be availabel at magento2 official site.

2)Wamp server configuration:

so please make sure that you have enableld all libraries and modules in wamp server.So please take look on below images and compare with your wamp server whether all extention and libraries and enabled in your wamp server. I have already mentions all neccesary php extentions and apache module you can also take a look on that or just compare the below image.

3)Modify Php.ini

Fnally modify max_execution_time and max_input_time variables in php.ini file with larger number lets say 1000 and xdebug.max_nesting_level = 400;

4)Download and Install Composer

Magento2 requres composer in order to fetch all maegnto2’s dependant can download composer from here Download composer



5) Download magento2

Download magento2 from download.You can download simple setup files or download setup file with sample data.
create a follder named as magento2 in www directory and then after extract all those files in your magento2 folder in www directory.Please check below steps one by one after extraction completed to magento2 folder.


Step one:

Put url in your browser as http://localhost/magento2/ in my case I have created as magento2 but in your case you can give any name and enter that in browser URL section, then after you will be getting a page like below image and click the “agree and setup magento” button.

How to install magento2 in localhost with wamp server
How to install magento2 in localhost with wamp server

step two:

In this setp magento setup check whether your system fulfilling all requirement or not. So before going for next step magento will check system requirements by “Start readingness check” if all requiement fullfilled then you will be allowed to go further else you have to check system requirement steps again. If allowed then you will be getting page like below image and then click on “next” button.



step three:

Enter database details with database user details


step four:

Either you can do setting for server configuration or better leave as it is and click on next button.


step five:

Set your timezone and currency here and also decide which Magento modules to install by clicking Advanced Modules Configurations See below image for more details.


step six:

fill all required fields and click on next


step seven:

Now you are in final step so click on install button to mageno2. If you click on install button you will be getting installation process like below image. and at last success page like below image.




After final you will be getting admin page


and frontend page



Hope you installed mganeto2 successfully without any issue by reading “how to install magento2 in localhost” post

Thank you

how to install magento2 in localhost
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